used boats and consignment services

We are connected to the market. We can sell your boat.

Our Inventory

We are currently rebuilding our boat for sale inventory. 

If you would like us to sell your boat on your behalf, our consignment service has been designed for that purpose.

Consignment service

So…You want to sell your boat without the hassles of looking for a buyer? You came to the right place. Let us throw a life jacket at you: Our consignment service.

Whether you purchased a new boat or have engaged in some other activities, our consignment service will let you enjoy your (new) passion rather than worrying about finding a buyer for your boat.

Bring your boat for a full inspection and assessment. Our team will make sure your boat is professionally inspected, appraised and sold at a competitive price that will match or exceed current market value.

But what is this consignment service and how does it work exactly?

You simply bring your boat to us. We will carefully inspect it (in and out) and repair it if needed. Our goal is that you get top dollar for your investment and that the new owner gets top pleasure with his new purchase. Both parties will win.

Peace of mind

Sell faster

Professional lnspection

Get your boat off your property right away

You remain the owner until your boat is sold with the huge advantage that you get the boat off your property right away. Which is great especially if you have replaced it with a new boat and need some room to store it.

Through our consignment service, your boat gets a greater exposure since we are connected to the market and have access to a lot of potential buyers, increasing your chance of selling it faster.

Because we inspect and repair the boat, this brings peace of mind to both parties, buyers and sellers alike. A complete inspection report is given to the buyer. This is very reassuring for him as he clearly knows what he is buying. Furthermore, potential buyers can apply for financing through POSPRO financing, our trusted partner.

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