dock in a box

Leading edge technology and design

Durability – Safety – Low maintenance

Built with cutting edge technology and talented craftsmanship

With over 20 years in the marine sector, DockinaBox® has come to understand what your need and what you care about. Using cutting-edge technology, they offer 3 major lines of product

Pipe docks- Floating docks – Boat lifts

Proudly made in Canada, each line of product offers several design options configurable to adapt to your environment.

For those environmentally conscious mind, Dock in a box came to a solution where almost 100% of the components are recyclable

Heavy duty floating dock

Made in Canada

Proven in rough water application

Unique design

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Dock in a Box developed 3 modular pipe series to face all water condition:
Standard duty, Heavy duty and Super duty, a dock that can be installed where no other dock can go.

Just watch the video and see by yourself. YOU WILL BE IMPRESSED !!